Research Day

University of Mississippi

Afternoon Keynote: “Bedside to Bench: An Accelerated Pharmaceutical Development Program”
W. Chambliss, S. Majumdar, D. Riche

Inn at Ole Miss Ballroom A, B, C, D; 10:25 – 11:15 am

The traditional bench to bedside approach to discover new pharmaceutical products is a high-risk endeavor taking over 10 years and costing hundreds of millions of dollars. Despite significant advancements in pharmaceutical sciences over the past few decades it is estimated that 1 in 10,000 new compounds will make it to the market, the same success rate as in the 1980s. The pharmaceutical industry has evolved over that time to be less research focused and more market focused. Programs such as repurposing of old drugs and life cycle management are increasingly diverting resources from new drug discovery programs. Examples of the types of programs will be presented with an emphasis on meeting patient needs.

Although significant resources have been spent on new drug discovery on the Oxford and Jackson campus no active pharmaceutical ingredients discovered at the university have been commercialized. A “Bedside to Bench” program initiated in the School of Pharmacy will be presented as a complementary program to the current drug discovery effort. This program starts with a clinical observation (“bedside”) that is reported by the clinician in real time using a secured database. Example clinical observations include significant side effects, the need for a new combination drug product, and the need for an alternative route of administration. A team of pharmaceutical scientists (“bench”) reviews the clinical observation and brainstorms potential solutions to address the clinical observation. Examples of ongoing projects will be presented including two projects in which patent rights were licensed to pharmaceutical companies for development.

1. Walter G Chambliss, Ph.D., is Director of Technology Management, Professor of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, at UM.

2. Soumyajit Majumdar, Ph.D., is Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, Professor of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery at UM.

3. Daniel M. Riche, Pharm.D., is Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice, at UMMC.