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Research Day
University of Mississippi

90-Second Talks – Afternoon Session

The Jackson Avenue Center Main Event Center

Start Time 2:15 pm– End Time 2:45 pm


The slides and videos of many of these talks are available via
eGrove, UM’s Institutional Repository.

Applied Policy and Community Research Institute
Anne Cafer, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Mississippi
Introducing the Applied Policy and Community Research Institute (APCRI) at the UM Center for Population Studies.

Reducing Exposures to Lead in Drinking Water
Stephanie Otts, Director, National Sea Grant Law Center
An interdisciplinary team of UM researchers is working with community organizations in the Mississippi Delta and Jackson to raise awareness of lead risks from drinking water and empower individuals to take action to reduce exposures.

Demographic Data for Decision Making: 2020 Census
John Green, Director, Center for Population Studies, University of Mississippi
Census data are used for assigning political representation, allocating funding, and conducting research to inform critical public decisions. This presentation will focus on research to inform and promote participation in the 2020 Census.

Communicating about Carbon Capture Innovations
Kristen Alley Swain, Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Mississippi
We will explore how carbon capture, utilization and storage innovations have been communicated from the scientific community to the public and policymakers over the last 20 years.

Georgianna Mann, Assistant Professor of Nutrition, University of Mississippi
“College2Youth” is an interdisciplinary undergraduate research program to engage communities and empower youth.

Brain Wellness Constellation Program Activities
Gregg Roman, Professor and Chair of Biology, University of Mississippi
The Brain Wellness Constellation is funding undergraduate summer research projects. A goal of this program is to provide life-changing educational experiences for these students, and to help develop the next generation of neuroscientists.

Virtual Reality as a Marketing Tool in Hospitality
Katarina Berezina, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management, University of Mississippi
This study of virtual reality in tourism investigates whether or not immersive virtual reality technology is more effective in changing customer attitudes towards a destination and stimulating desire to travel compared to a regular video.

Controlling Urban Floods with Green Infrastructure
Cristiane Surbeck, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Mississippi
Did you know that green infrastructure can reduce flooding in urban areas? But a lot of cities can’t implement this type of technology because of restrictions in ordinances. We’re going to try to change that by showing the economic and social benefits of green infrastructure.

Medieval Jewelry Breakage by Violence and Fatigue
Nancy Wicker, Professor of Art History, University of Mississippi
Impressions were made of torn surfaces of 6th-century gold jewelry in Stockholm, Sweden, using polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) to examine how pieces broke by violence or fatigue, in collaboration with a UMMC materials science project to analyze fractures of dental materials.

Prenatal and Postpartum Anxiety
Laura Dixon, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Mississippi
This talk describes the prospective examination of prenatal anxiety sensitivity as predictor of postpartum anxiety symptoms.

Gender, Self-Determination, and the STEM Workplace
Carrie Veronica Smith, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Mississippi
Isn’t it time to combine the broad literatures on the STEM workplace, Self-Determination Theory, and gender?

Community Political Needs Assessment in the Delta
Na Youn Lee, Assistant Professor of Social Work, University of Mississippi
We will present the strengths and barriers to voting and political participation identified by residents in a small Delta community.

Auditory Processing Deficits in Middle-Aged Adults
Vishakha Rawool, Chair and Professor of Communication Sciences Disorders, University of Mississippi
With aging, some individuals have difficulty in understanding words in noise. We will present the synopsis of our research related to cognitive, peripheral hearing and central auditory processing status of middle-aged adults compared to young adults.

Mapping Soil Moisture in the Delta
Greg Easson, Director, Mississippi Minerals Resources Institute, University of Mississippi
This research down-scaled satellite radiometer data to create a daily quantitative soil moisture data set. This data allows for earlier determination of drought conditions. The next step is to apply this research in more remote parts for early detection of possible famines.