Research Day

University of Mississippi

Research Speed Networking

Start Time 10:25 am – End Time 11:20 am
E.F. Yerby Conference Center, Auditorium


Speed Networking is a timed event that provides the opportunity for each participant to have a conversation with ten other Research Day attendees. Participants will be asked to sit across the table from one another. After a short introduction and demonstration, a timed countdown will initiate the start of the event and each pair will have five minutes to meet one another. During that time we encourage you to discuss your academic background, research interests, as well as any potential collaborative projects or ideas you may have. Once five minutes is over, participants sitting on one side of the table will get up and move to the chair on their right to begin a new conversation with a different Research Day attendee. Each participant will have the opportunity to meet ten others during the hour-long event.

There are approximately seventy seats available in the Speed Networking event. Half are already filled with those who responded to the Speed Networking survey sent to all who expressed interest in the event during initial registration. Attendees can continue to sign up for the Speed Networking event during Thursday morning’s registration until all seats are filled.