Research Day

University of Mississippi

Poster Session

Set Up: 9:30 am
Session Start Time 12:15 pm – End Time 1:30 pm
The Inn at Ole Miss Ballrooms A, B, C, D


1 High Resolution Mass Spectrometry at the University of Mississippi (S. MISRA, UM)
2 Opportunities for Applied Research Through the Center for Population Studies (L. WOO, UM)
3 Librarians as Research Collaborators (J. TIPTON, M. DENNIS, UM)
4 Personalized Learning in Higher Education (B. PRAGER, UM)
5 We Dived Deep into Clickbaits. You won’t Believe what Happened Next! (N. HASSAN, UM)
6 Design of ionic liquid epoxy functionalized ion exchange resin wafers for ion-selective electrodeionization (A. FASAYI, UM)
7 A Reactive Molecular Simulation of Damage Mitigation Efficacy of POSS-, Graphene-, and Carbon Nanotube-Loaded
Polyimide Coatings Exposed to Atomic Oxygen Bombardment (F. RAHMANI, UM)
8 Modeling the Mechanical Performance of Graphene Nanocomposites at High Strain Rates Utilizing Artificial Neural Networks (K. QATU, UM)
9 Granular Flow Experiments (L. REBILLOUT, UM)
10 Development of ion-selective ion exchange membranes through incorporation of ionic liquid materials for water purification via electrodialysis (S. KOLAHCHYAN, UM)
11 Prioritizing the Restorability of Impaired Water Bodies: A Case Study of Four Watersheds in the Delta Region of Mississippi (T. SINSHAW, UM)
12 Transport and Fate of Coal Ash and Associated Contaminants in Surface Waters (M. ALTINAKAR, UM)
13 A Web-Based, Automated Dam-Break Flood Simulation and Mapping System for Improving Dam Safety in the USA (M. McGRATH, UM)
14 Agricultural Integrated Management System (AIMS): A Web-Based Decision Support System for Watersheds (V. RAMALINGAM)
15 Erosion of Earthen Levees by Wave Action (Y. OZEREN)
16 NCCHE Modeling System (Y. ZHANG)
17 Evaluation of Endocannabinoid receptors in Japanese medaka Fish (Oryzias Latipes) as A potential Target of Neurobehavioral disorders
18 Team Approach: Collaborative Computational Medicinal Chemistry (R. DOERSKEN)
19 The Audible Leak Test: Is it Accurate and Reliable? (M. SATHYAMOORTHY, UMMC)
20 Premedication for Older Children Undergoing Dental Rehabilitation: Intranasal Dexmedetomidine vs. Oral Midazolam?
A Prospective Randomized Study (M. SATHYAMOORTHY, UMMC)
21 Center of Biomedical Research Excellence- Natural Products Neuroscience (N. ASHPOLE, T. BROOKS, J. RIMOLDI)
22 Breastfeeding program – Review of literature (C. IBEWKE)
23 Genesis of a Protein-Based Drug Delivery System (C. FOX)
24 Cadmium Disruption of Calcium-Induced Dimerization of Neural Cadherin (D. RITTER)
25 Digital Neuroscience (T. IKUTA)
26 Center of Biomedical Research Excellence- Natural Products Neuroscience (B. TEWKAN, S. ROSS)
27 Physical mobility, fatigue and obesity in pediatric cancer survivors (M. KARIMI)
28 Synthesis and In Vitro Antimalarial Testing of New Trioxanes Structurally Related to Artemisinin (M. JIHAN)
29 Topographical Characterization of COSMC Using Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting
by Fast Photochemical Oxidation of Proteins (N. KHAJE)
30 Center of Biomedical Research Excellence- Natural Products Neuroscience (C. TAN, S. MAJUMDAR)
31 Development and Optimization of Nanoscale Targeted Delivery System (R. YANG, UMMC)
32 The Biology and Physics of Bleeding after Trauma (M. KUTCHER)
33 Elucidating Potential Fungal/Algal Mutualisms Through “Microbial Matchmaking” (M. CLEAR)
34 Host/Guest Binding Energies in Small Methylene-Bridged Cavitand Systems (K. DREUX)
35 Determination of Polymers in Evidence from 3D-Printed Guns using DART Mass Spectrometry (O. BLACK)
36 Characterization of Calcium-Independent Dimer Formation by Neural Cadherin by Use of
Biophysical Methods and Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (S. DAVILA)
37 Intrinsic Energetics of Proton Transfer in Binary (HF)m(H2O)n and (HCl)m(H2O)n Clusters (S. JOHNSON, UMMC)
38 A Theoretical Approach to Characterizing Halogen Bonding (T. ELLINGTON)
39 Use of a Quadcopter for Sampling Gaseous Mercury and Volatile Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere (J. CIZDZIEL, UM)
40 Improving Health of Rural Mississippians through Farmers’ Market (D. HOLBEN, H. POOLE, J. JAMIESON)
41 Using the American Community Survey in Collaborative Research with the Center for Population Studies (C. HOLLEY, UM)
42 Keyword “Katrina”: A deep dive through Hurricane Katrina’s unsearchable archive (C. JOYCE, UM)
43 Social Attenuation of Risk after Freight Spills (K. SWAIN, UM)
44 Exploring the Internal Consistency of the Physical Characteristics Satisfaction Scale for use among College Students (J. CRUTCHFIELD, UM)
45 Mississippi Health and Hunger Atlas (R. HAGGARD, UM)
46 The Impact of Digital Credentialing on Faculty Development and Motivation (R. BUTLER, T. POLLARD, H. SHOEMAKE, UMMC)
47 Primacy-Recency: The Serial Effects on Attention and Learning (A. HUNT, K. HOLMES, UM)
48 Crossing Borders: Moving Prospective Mathematics Teachers from Instruments of Inequity to Agents of Change (J. AMIDON, R. NANCE, UM)
49 Farm-to-YOUth! – A Produce Education Program for Mississippi Youth and Families (K. DISMUKESR, M. WEBER, S. ANTOLINI, D. HOLBEN, UM)
50 withdrawn
51 Factors Associated with Breastfeeding in High Risk Pregnancies: Exploratory Analysis from Mothers in Mississippi
52 Evaluating Farm to School in Mississippi: Defining Participation Using Mixed Methods Approach (C. CANARIOS, S. BUSH, UM)
53 Novel Binders Optimization for In Situ Construction (H. ALKHATEB, H. AL-MASAIED, H. ALMASHAQBEH, UM)
54 Graphene oxide nano carrier for doxorubicin anti cancer drug: A molecular dynamic simulation study (F. RAHMANI, M. MAHDAVI, UM)
55 Responses to health promotion posts vary by the type of illness or disability:
Implications for nonprofits’ social media content strategy (S. SMITH, R. MAGEE, UM)
56 Blast overpressure-induced vestibular deficits in rats (H. ZHU, W. ZHOU, UMMC)
57 Optimization of DNA Extraction from Ascaris spp. for PCR Detection (S. JAMESON, I. ARGUELLO, B. KIRMSE, K. HELLMAN, C. HOBBS, UMMC)
58 Community-Engaged Research to Inform Environmental Public Health: Pilot Project Testing for Lead

in Drinking Water in the Mississippi Delta (K. WILLETT, J. GREEN, A. FRATESI, C. JANASIE, S. OTTS, UM)

59 The relationship of food security status to food consumption behaviors of collegiate male athletes


60 Interdisciplinary Collaborative Scholarship: Focus on Academic Writing (S. CURCIC, R. JOHNSON, UM)
61 Neuroendocrine Signals Continue to Influence Learning and Memory After Development


62 Exploring secondary metabolite production in toxic algae (T. NGUYEN UM)
63 Xenotransplantation of Human Breast Cancer Cells in Zebrafish for Screening of Chemotherapeutic Compounds (K. WILLETT, UM)
64 Targeting TRPV4 to attenuate systemic and spinal immune activation in a mouse model of SCI (R. GRILL, UMMC)
65 Acute pathophysiologies associated with mild, head-on concussion injury in the Sprague-Dawley (S. VITA, UMMC)
66 Manipulating chronic inflammation and neural plasticity away from the site of rodent spinal cord injury (K. Tansey, UMMC)
68 Cerebral Edema and Blood Brain Barrier Dysfunction   in the Dahl S Rat Model of Superimposed Preeclampsia (K. MAEDA, UMMC)
69 Education Collaboration: Science Teaching Excites


70 Learning by Example, NFL BMI As Guidelines for

Public High School Football (J. MOLL, K. MAEDA, UMMC)

71 Examining Undergraduates’ Library Priorities

through Q Methodology (S. KELLY, B. YOUNG, UM)

72 Capabilities of the Geodata Analysis Laboratory (L. YARBROUGH, UM)